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Car in shop marked for repair

How PDR Works

Auto Hail Zone is an expert dent repair company that specializes in paintless dent removal / paintless dent repair (PDR). We utilize this method to repair hail damage, door dings, and collision damage. But you may be asking yourself ‘what exactly is PDR?’ We are going to discuss how we utilize paintless dent repair to return your vehicle to new. 

The History of Paintless Dent Repair Process

Funnily enough, paintless dent repair was invented accidently in 1960 by Oskar Flaig. Oskar was a staff member for Mercedes at the International Sports Show where he was in charge of repairing any nicks, scratches, bumps or dents that were caused by those viewing the cars at the show. He decided to use a hammer to push out a small dent and to his surprise, he did not need to repaint that spot on the car. Oskar then returned to Germany and mastered this technique which later made its was to the United States in. 1983. 

How Paintless Dent Repair Works 

  • First we assess the damage. Minor dents from hail or other accidents can be repaired with PDR. We look at your entire vehicle for damage and then we inform you how much work it is going to take.
  • Next we remove the panels of your vehicle. PDR is a process that is done from the inside out, unlike traditional services. Because of this we need to remove affected panels or headlights and taillights as access points.
  • We then push the dents out from the inside. Using our specialized tool sets and our expert knowledge Auto Hail Zone is able to push the dents and bumps out to their original position without requiring touch up on the paint.
  • Finally, we replace your panels and anything else we removed, leaving you with a good as new vehicle.

How Traditional Dent Repair Works

Traditional repairs requires you to add filler to the body of your vehicle. This filler is then paint matched as best to your vehicle but typically requires a more precise paint match by another shop or professional. The filler does exactly as it sounds… simply fills in the dent of your car rather than repair the dent. This can lead to structural issues later on for your vehicle and affect the resale value as well. PDR restores the body to its original position, eliminating the need for fillers and paint matching. 

The Auto Hail Zone Superiority

Auto Hail Zone provides you with expert knowledge and capabilities when it comes to dent repair. We have mastered the technique of PDR which allows us to repair hail damage, dings, and fender benders to bring your vehicle back to its showroom condition. When you get your vehicle back you won’t be able to tell there was ever damage and that is what makes us different. When you need any body repair in or near Colorado Spring make sure you call us at (719) 237-5294 or visit us at

At Auto Hail Zone, Colorado Springs, we specialize in PDR while also having experts in collision repair. Our 20 years of experience in both methods of repair make us the top shop in both locations. 

When you leave your vehicle with us it is secured inside our iron-tight fenced lot that is under 24-hour surveillance until an insurance adjuster examines your vehicle. After the examination we then move your vehicle into our shop where it is kept safe and secure while the work is performed. Your vehicle is then flawlessly repaired so you can enjoy a good as new vehicle. 

Auto Hail Zone Will: