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Hand holding hail

Massive Hail Hits – Don’t Wait For Hail Repair Appointments

    Is it Snow or is it Hail?

    Definitely Hail

    Residents scrambled March 24, 2019 to find shelter amidst this year’s first hail storm… and it was a big one. Scratch that, a HUGE one. This is nothing new but none-the-less not at all welcome. In this article, we will discuss the steps to take after a hail storm and why you should always get a second opinion before you get your hail damage repaired.

    Many vehicle owners have yet to repair their car hail damage from last year’s hail storms leaving many to wonder…

    Is this the new normal?

    Reports from insurance companies are reporting losses for auto hail damage at 50-80%. Residents and businesses are reporting:

    • Cracked headlights
    • Broken skylights
    • Shattered windshields
    • Severe auto hail damage
    • Roof hail damage

    It isn’t hard to see that weather patterns are changing and not for the better. Hail occurrences are becoming more frequent and increasingly intense. Hailstones the size of baseballs are falling from the sky.

    There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Auto hail damage has met its match with paintless dent repair.

    What do I do next?

    I have hail damage, what are my next steps? This is the million-dollar question for a multi-million dollar storm. Here are the steps you should take today.

    1. Report the hail damage with your insurance company. The phone number for hail claims will be on the back of your insurance card. You can also Google for this information. Most insurance companies have online filing. Keep in mind, after a major hail occurrence (hail catastrophe), insurance companies are being flooded with calls & online claims. The sooner you get your hail claim filed, the sooner you can get scheduled for repairs.
    2. Prepare car for insurance adjuster inspection. If you have broken glass, do this with great care. Carefully spray away any debris to make the damage easier to see. Park in the sun or if you have a garage, turn on all of the lights. Your insurance company might send you to a pop-up inspection tent or they will come to your location.
    3. Call Auto Hail Zone. You insurance company might try to steer you towards an auto body shop from their “preferred shops” list. This is illegal and called “steering.” Insurance companies will partner with local auto body shops where they can negotiate the best repair prices for their benefit, not yours. A “preferred shop” is in no way BETTER than any other shop. In fact, these shops will get overwhelmed with referrals immediately after a storm and fill up quickly. Hail damaged cars will be pushed through quickly to make room for new ones. We provide a supplement to your insurance company so that all repair costs are covered by them and not the insured. Call Auto Hail Zone before you commit to ANY repairs. We have special lighting designed specifically for seeing ANY imperfection in your vehicles panels. If we locate additional damage, we make sure you get the money needed to repair 100% of the damage.

    Call Auto Hail Zone for a Complimentary Inspection

    In addition to complimentary inspections, we also provide deductible assistance. If you have questions about the filing process or if your insurance company will cover a car rental while you wait, we are here to make the auto hail repair process as smooth as possible. Since 1991, we have restored hundreds of hail damaged vehicles back to their pre-damaged condition.