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    Auto Hail Damage Guide

    Tips For Vehicle Owners With Hail Damage:
    You just watched as mother nature destroyed your vehicle. You can tell it has hail damage even at a distance, what should you do now?
    1. Don’t hesitate, contact your insurance company immediately to file a hail damage claim and get an appointment for them to look at the damage for an initial estimate. Once your insurance company has written up your initial estimate you will receive a copy with a check written to you and the body shop you choose to perform the repairs. Next, contact Auto Hail Zone to begin the hail repair process.
    2. Never pay for anything in advance. After your insurance adjuster has written your initial estimate, the insurance company will issue a check for the repairs to you and the body shop you designate to perform your repairs so there is no need for money to be exchanged between you and the body shop unless your insurance company paid you directly, in this case, you would pay the body shop after all repairs are completed.
    3. Be suspicious of anyone who offers to get you more money or gifts over what your insurance company has allocated for your repairs. The #1 concern should be that your hail damage is repaired correctly and completely.
    4. Look for an established and reputable company. Look for a locally established and reputable company when considering a Paintless Dent Repair facility for your auto hail damage repairs.
    5. Car rental coverage. Most insurance companies offer rental coverage for as little as a few extra dollars a month, this is most beneficial for an insured should you have an accident or if it were to hail on your vehicle and it has to go to a body shop. In the event you do not have rental coverage on your policy, Auto Hail Zone will discuss the option of placing you in a rental at our cost and discretion while your vehicle is in our repair facility.
    6. Carefully review and understand any warranty and watch for conditions that would void it. Auto Hail Zone offers a Lifetime Warranty on all repairs, as long as you own the vehicle.
    7. Avoid auto repair companies set-up in parking lots or shopping centers with tents. Just because they might be set-up near an insurance adjuster’s tent, that means nothing. There is no affiliation between insurance companies & repair companies.
    8. It is YOUR decision who repairs your hail damage. Insurance companies will oftentimes try to “steer” you towards a “trusted partner” or “preferred auto body shop.” This is called “steering” and is VERY illegal. Insurance companies started “partnering” with auto body shops that would agree to give them “preferred pricing” on repairs. This in no way benefits the customer, only the insurance company.
    9. Don’t wait. The longer you wait to get your hail damage repaired, the greater the risk of residual damage. You pay for insurance monthly to keep your vehicle protected from hail events and other “acts of nature,” use it!